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24th-Dec-2007 02:01 am - A New American Loneliness

A New American Loneliness

marooned in paradise

lonely amidst abundance and incredible wealth

lonely in spite of the crowds and opportunity's

lonely in a seemingly incurable fashion

8th-May-2007 01:31 am - recently
sooo I am hoping for a call back for a job on Wnesday or I start a bunch of bullshit otherwise my friends band on Thursday at the Troc  and my favorite band in the last 10 or so years is playing on monday  I'm excited!!! gay !!!
18th-Feb-2007 01:15 am - never been
I've never been more lonely in all my life
26th-Jan-2007 06:17 pm - I got angry kicked whole in wall
2nd-Jan-2007 12:19 pm - NYE 2007
17th-Dec-2006 02:50 am - xmas stuff

I bought some xmas stuff for the apartment
9th-Dec-2006 03:19 am(no subject)
bought some frames and art to put on my walls cause it is so barren

3rd-Dec-2006 03:26 am - CC Shopping
24th-Nov-2006 01:18 am - Thanksgiving at the Putnums
1st-Nov-2006 02:56 am - Halloween 06

Halloween was fun and intersting ths year. We had a party at the club
26th-Oct-2006 03:56 pm - flu shot
I just got a flu shot and no loli pop afterward boo!
22nd-Sep-2006 04:05 pm - late night
I had to work till 8 every night this week cause this guy was on vaction and I took his shift. from 6-8 I do nothing I sit hear and watch videos on youtube.
13th-Sep-2006 01:24 am(no subject)

on my 27th birday I took pictures of my hair at all different angles so I will know how much I lost by next year, next decade etc
28th-Aug-2006 10:07 am - a lot of nothing
I did a lot of nothing this weekend. I have a busy week to make up for it I have to start class this week. boooo
I started a new napping regimen, have been doing it for the last 3 weeks its pretty cool. It consist of me napping every day after work and sometimes on weekends, then staying up to 3am then sleeping a little more then off to work then back to my nap, yumm.
13th-Aug-2006 10:59 pm - best week ever
wow had a good day, I got something from Saint Joes University in the mail. The company I work for the owners son or the owner and the son went to Saint Joes and they donated like 10 million to them so they are offering classes at our office for real cheap and my company pays us to for the books and I think 50% of tuition, so I'm a college boy now. Also I thought I was broke well really I was broke but then today or I guess yesterday I got a mail in rebate check for 60 bucks.
7th-Aug-2006 10:18 am - little miss sunshine
I went and saw little miss sunshine on saturday its cute. Steve Carell is really good in it. 
had to work overtime on Saturday also so this weeks paycheck should be good.
my summer cold is almost gone
1st-Aug-2006 03:56 pm - Weekend
this weekend was sooooo hot and humid I went and bought a dehumidifier but it sucks its like the size of a fucking small refrigerator and and makes the room all hot and was like 150 bucks, so I'm returning it. I went to a Phillies game on Saturday and then to a party in Northern Liberties that had this amazing weeping willow in there back yard I have nooo idea how a tree of this size would be in that area of Philly.  I had to drink ice in my beer it was so fucking hot and humid out.  On satruday I went and saw my jersey peeps at a place called the kyber in philly.  It was hot there too.
23rd-Jul-2006 09:04 pm - saw my dad
so I went and saw my dad on Saturday he didn't look that bad he showed me his cut and its huge like half his fucking torso it looked like they tried to install a carborator in there!! The only way I can describe it the episode of the sopranos when they show the hole in tony chest after his shooting it looked like that. The doctors think he should be able to get out by Monday Tuesday at the latest. I have been drinking too much lately and need to detox this week with some rest gym and lots of water and eating good.
23rd-Jul-2006 08:58 pm - horoscope
my horoscope read There really is no need to be anything other than a radiant bundle of fascinating contradictions.
21st-Jul-2006 12:16 pm - dads gettin better
so my dads out of the coma and should be out of ICU soon. I'm going to go visit on Saturday. The doctors say everything is going good so I'm really relieved by that. I just wonder how bad hes going to look with all kinds of tubes and shit sticking out of him.
19th-Jul-2006 10:27 am - dad
so my dad had his kidney removed yesterday and when they were in there they found cancer in his diaphragm and had to remove some of that. They thought they could do all this laparoscopically but because hes a fat ass and the extra cancer they had to do regular surgery. He is in an induced comma now but should be brought out by tomorrow. I put a call into my doctor begging him for some sleeping pills cause I havent slept for more the 2 hours in the last 3 days.
as always I would like to end this post with fuck you god.
18th-Jul-2006 02:07 am - insomnia
I cant sleep for shit I have so much anxiety my father is having his surgery tomorrow and I'm like wired and I took an accidental nap today so thats not making things any better. I wish I had some sleeping pills or xanax or kolomopin or something to put me under, maybe I'll start taking shots to see if that puts me down. I know I'm going to be up till 6 am and have to call out out work.

In other news I had a terrific week end I drank and partied and sat out by the pool and got a little tan, and got a lot of other shit done.
now I just have to wait till Friday for payday so I can start it all over again.

I cant wait for all this shit to just be over and done with.
11th-Jul-2006 08:47 pm - college
So they have this thing at my work that you can sign up for college at St Joe's and takes classes at our office for cheap or take classes at the campus that is like 5 ft down the street. So I'm thinking of signing up. I talked to lady and she said I might be able to get like full accepted to the school through some of the programs even though I have a shit gpa from the last community college I went to. I also found out I could work later shifts on Thursday and Friday so I'm really excited about that. I went to the gym early today like 7ish which is earlier then I normally do and it was sooo fucking crowded I got a shit workout what a waste.
10th-Jul-2006 12:42 pm - hungover
so hunger over at work today could fall asleep at my desk. just 4 more hours to go. then I have to stop and get my id and  shit from the rental office cause I finally got that all straightened out and can finally go swimming etc at the clubhouse.
29th-Jun-2006 11:17 am - yoga again
so I went to yoga last night again it felt really good, but after we went to the bar and that kind of killed the mood. this morning my roomate stole my keys or something of that nature, so I didnt get into work until 11pm. Ill explain that story later.
so I think my roommate got drunk last night and took my keys into her room she said she woke up and they were on the floor of her room??
In any event it put timmy in a bad mood.
I may go to a show of my friends band but dont know how into it  i am. need to go to the gym first.
I have to work 1-8 tomorrow then be on fucking call all weekend all 4 days even on the fucking 4th of july.
I'm really pissed now
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